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See why Bebcare is the #1 Trusted Low Emissions Baby Monitor Brand

Parents around the world trust their babies with Bebcare. Read what sets Bebcare baby monitors apart...


"If you are concerned about EMFs and do not want radiation exposed to your baby, this is the only one right now"

Mommy YouTube reviewer "Janae Crawford" spends a lot of time using the Bebcare Motion digital video baby monitor for her first baby. The Bebcare baby monitor low emissions design stands out as the safest choice for her baby. You can watch the full review and see what else she loves about her Bebcare baby monitor.


"This Bebcare Baby Monitor is very easy to use. It's as easy as that!"

Celebrity Lisa Schwartz from the ABC Television series loved her new Bebcare Motion and Bebcare iQ WiFi, even using them to keep an eye on her cute dog!


"My favorite thing about this monitor is that it grows with your family"

YouTube celebrity mommy reviewer Autumn Romano checked out the Bebcare Motion digital video baby monitor, which won the Mom's Choice Awards Gold Award and the National Parenting Center Seal of Approval. Autumn is impressed by the various features like feeding alarm, wall mounting capability, two-way talk, and the ultra-low emissions design.


"This Bebcare Baby Monitor is game changer! NO RADIATION!"

Mommy YouTube reviewer "The Try Mama" loved the Bebcare Motion digital video baby monitor because of its low emissions design, features, and amazing video quality. The Bebcare Motion is her best baby monitor she has reviewed.


"The monitor has a 4.3-inch True Color screen... It's super sharp!"

YouTuber FourieFamCam with over 25,000 subscribers loved the Bebcare Motion digital video baby monitor because of its incredible features. The 4.3" True Color display screen shows an incredible image of the baby in real-time, both during the day and during the night. The YouTuber favorite feature is the automatic baby motion tracking feature that allows the camera to follow the baby around the room!


"Feature that I absolutely love is that it is completely encrypted and secure, so your neighbors cannot watch your baby!"

YouTube celebrity mommy PlantifulAlex reviewed out the Bebcare Motion digital video baby monitor for her "Traveling with a baby must-haves" vlog series. The Bebcare Motion parent unit has an impressive max battery life 18 hours and supports charging by the latest USB-C standard. This makes the Bebcare baby monitor a perfect travel companion with its convenient power options.


"Safest Baby Monitor In The World - Bebcare Hear Digital Audio Baby Monitor"

YouTube channel MonsterGadgets reviewed the award-winning Bebcare Hear digital audio baby monitor with DSR Digital Safe Radio technology. The reviewer is impressed by the battery life, the wireless range, and the advanced functionality of this high-end audio baby monitor.


"There's actually a night vision on this so you can get a feed of the crib even if the lights are out"

YouTube channel DIY Life Tech reviewed the Bebcare Motion digital video baby monitor with 4.3-inch True Color display screen. With a suite of useful features including music lullabies, night light, movement tracking, voice activation and low emissions, the Motion baby monitor provides a peace of mind and comfort to parents of newborn. The zero-delay in sound and image means you'll know what your baby is up to at all times.


"The DSR radio module sets an industry standard for one of the lowest wireless emission technology that is suitable for young children use."

EMF Academy selected Bebcare as the best low EMF baby monitor you could buy today. The reviewer acknowledges that there have only been a few baby monitors that have come out over the years specifically designed to offer extremely low EMF emissions as a foundational feature, and this [Bebcare] is the best of the bunch.

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