Why wireless emissions matter to your Baby

Why This Matters

Babies Brains Absorb 60% More Wireless Radiation than Adults

Now more than Ever

This Generation is New to Wireless Emissions Everywhere

The Problem

Conventional Baby Monitors emit high doses of wireless emissions

So what is DSR Technology

Bebcare’s unique DSR Digital Safe Radio Technology ensures your baby is protected by the safest baby monitor out there on the market. This safe technology is developed entirely in-house over the course of 10 years by our talented engineers. The DSR radio module sets an industry standard for one of the lowest wireless emission technology that is suitable for young children use.

DSR technology strikes a delicate balance between baby monitor performance and wireless safety, so that you do not have to pick between the two. Bebcare baby monitors provides crystal clear transmission with zero delay, so you’ll be alerted whenever your baby cries and needs you. Enhanced by DSR low emission radio, our baby monitors also offers incredibly long range, multiple-day battery life, and most important of all, a low wireless emission environment.

The Bebcare DSR module employs advanced computer algorithms that modulate and limit the amount of power it uses in everyday monitoring of your baby. A series of tests conducted at a certified laboratory revealed that Bebcare baby monitor emits up to 94 to 97% less wireless emission than your average baby monitor. Under idle circumstances, the unique DSR radio module even cuts transmission power to zero.

Lowest in Industry

No Compromise to Safety

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