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The Most Trusted Baby Monitor

Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association

Why we founded Bebcare Baby

Bebcare Baby sets out to build the best baby monitor. We were founded with the mission to create a suite of premium babycare products that assist parents with their everyday baby monitoring needs. It is our mission to create baby monitors that have no compromise - best-in-class performance, features, durability, and most important of all, safety standards. Our core baby monitor technology is designed from ground-up specifically for baby use.

Design that’s Responsible from Start to Finish

Bebcare baby monitors are designed to give you the best of both worlds — the convenience of a digital monitor with over 90% lower wireless emissions. Our patented DSR radio technology reduces wireless transmission to 0 under idle circumstances, and only activates when your baby is crying. This means extra supervision and peace of mind, without the hidden costs to your health.

An Industry-Leading Team

With over two decades of experience in the baby sector, feedback from millions of users, a fully-owned dedicated factory in operation for over 25 years, 6 unique patents, and extensive certifications, Bebcare have assembled a team of heavyweights uniquely qualified for the task ahead of them. Our core team is comprised of experienced engineers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Hong Kong, and other top institutions around the world.

A Safety-focused Mission

The parent company was founded over 25 years ago and has grown steadily since. Our product footprint covers 5 continents with over 3 million new-born parents enjoying our premium babycare products. We put a lot of care and pride into the design of our renowned baby monitors; it is our mission to ensure our next generation are protected by the safest baby monitor technology on the market. We hope you will join our mission in providing a safe environment for our future generations to grow up in.

Christine Langer - Cofounder of Bebcare Baby